How to increase the effectiveness of an integrated pest management program

How to increase the effectiveness of an integrated pest management program

Learn more about signs and methods to get rid of raccoons from your property. There are few sights that can make you feel more heartbroken than watching spring-flowering bulbs turn into food for four-legged foragers. Get more information about critter control

What is the maximum time you can stay out of your house after pest control?

Although they may be well-intentioned IPM programs can resort to pesticides not approved for organic gardening. Although IPM methods are used by many certified organic farmers, it is not always synonymous with organic. This publication contains pesticide recommendations that are only allowed to be used in Kentucky, USA. Some products may not be allowed in your country or state.


It is also less likely that pest insects will be able to move on to other plants if one of your plants becomes infested. Plants that are healthy will be more resistant to pests and disease. Pests will be more likely to attack weak or sick plants. Seal utility openings that allow pipes and wires to enter the foundation or siding.

These are entry points for pests such as yellowjackets, ants and rodents. You can plug holes with caulk or cement, urethane-expandable foam, steel mesh (Stuffit), and other suitable sealants. It is not known if termites can be killed by products that claim to protect structures from them.

The type of infestation will determine the elimination strategy that you choose. You must first determine the type of insect you are dealing with before you can solve it. To anchor your bait stations, you can attach them to patio blocks. This will prevent larger animals from carrying them away.

The stations will be raised off the ground to prevent water from entering and spoiling them. Loaded bait stations should be placed near all corners of the structure, as well as by the garage, front, and back doors. You should check the bait stations at least once every two weeks, and replace any bait that is damaged. As rodents become more active, you will see more activity at your stations in spring and autumn.

Garden Bed Hoops

Pests will find water at any opportunity, so it is not unusual to see them in the bathroom. Lethal Dosage testing is a method to determine the dose of insecticide that kills test animals. The process is straightforward and relies on the fact that different animals may die from the same dose of insecticide. Only a handful of people will die if a low dose is given to 100 individuals. A very high dose will cause most of the 100 people to die. The 50% lethal dose, or LD50, is the dosage at which 50 (50%) of 100 people die. LD90 is the dosage at which 90% die.

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