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We have an inherent desire to do it better.

We believe to get out you have to put in.

In a fuzzy world full of distractions, equip yourself with the tools that give you the power to FOCUS.


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Good things come to those who sweat.

Born from sports psychology, SRR Interval Training offers a scientifically proven technique to supercharge your workout. USA Track & Field prohibit athletes from using music the way SRR does when they race. It’s deemed to give competitors an unfair advantage. And for good reason. Countless studies show that exercising while listening to music leads to greater results in less time.

SRR guides you through your workout by changing the music in time with your selected intervals, so you always know when to exercise and when to rest. Large on-screen visuals add further convenience, telling you exactly how much time you’ve got left within both the interval and the whole session.

It’s the perfect way to ensure that younever lose focus and motivation.


Anybody experienced in hard-core training knows that we set our own limits; you can usually do a lot more than you think. Just think about all the people who, in the face of immediate danger, have forgotten about their preconceived limitations and pulled off amazing feats in order to save themselves or someone else.

You can access the same source of power by using music to push you to new levels of performance. SRR puts you into flow in no time, and once the workout is over, the numbers will show how much you improved beyond what you considered possible. SRR unlocks the power that, deep down, you always knew you had.

"Exercising to music distracts people from pain and fatigue, elevates mood, increases endurance and reduces perceived effort. When listening to music, people run further, bike longer and swim faster than usual - often without realizing it…
it really is a type of legal performance enhancer”.
Costas Karageorghis, Brunel University, London.

Your time is now. Make the most of it – and be all that you can be!